Dr. Paul Gill - The Gill Center for Plastic Surgery and Dermatology

About Dr. Paul Gill


Hi, I'm Dr. Paul Gill, I'm a board certified plastic surgeon practicing in the North Houston area of The Woodlands, Texas.

I practice with my wife, Dr. Anita Gill, a board certified dermatologist, and we formed The Gill Center based on our desire to provide patients with complete patient care. We wanted you to have an amazing array of services that had a strong foundation based on extensive education by board certification in plastic surgery, board certification in dermatology, and also experience where we simply focus on aesthetic surgery, nonsurgical procedures, and medical dermatology.

In terms of why I chose plastic surgery, I actually started off on my medical school rotations very interested in going to a medical-type field. However, I noticed that I really enjoy the procedural nature, the immediate gratification of saying, "Hey, there's a problem and I can offer an immediate solution."

I love what I do. I don't feel like it's work. To me it's the perfect blend of art and science, and the idea that I get to come to work, use my creative talent, really focus on customer service and patient care, and then let my work speak for itself, it really, to me, I am thankful and appreciative of the opportunities I've been given and I don't spend a day not recognizing that. And I just love sharing these experiences with my patients and bringing fulfillment to them.