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Dr. Gill discusses breast lift, revision breast augmention, with internal bra technique using the Galatea Galaform mesh. The Gill Center for Plastic Surgery and Dermatology 9200 Pinecroft Suite 460 The Woodlands, TX 77380 281-853-5308

Breast Lift & Breast Revision

Hello everybody. Today we just finished up a very interesting surgery. We do a lot of breast augmentation revision here, and I really enjoy this aspect of plastic surgery after spending over 10 years doing breast cancer reconstruction. A lot of the same principles apply to what we use with breast augmentation revision.

One of my favorites, and I think one of the most beneficial changes we've seen, is the use of the internal bra. Galatea makes a scaffold, and basically, this is a PDS or suture mesh that actually reabsorbs over the period of about one year. It does a beautiful job of providing internal structural support to not only the implant, but the soft tissue of the breast. We're finding six months, a year, five years down the road, this is really adding longevity to this result that we could never have before, so it's a wonderful tool.

It's called Galatea, a surgical scaffold. It comes in GalaFORM, GalaSHAPE, and these tools are very beneficial to the patients that had previous breast augmentation and may have had weight loss, may have had children, and the breast implants have now dropped and started to sag. This internal bra can really add structural support to the implant, take the weight off the skin, and add much longevity to this result. We'll be showing you clips of this surgery. Enjoy and feel free to direct message us or call us with any questions. Thank you.

Okay, so now we take you into surgery, where we're performing a breast implant exchange with breast lift and internal bra placement. As you can see in these before and after photos, there is approximately a half to one cup size asymmetry. Our surgical plan is to perform a capsulorrhaphy, or a suture down the outer portion of the chest wall, and then place sizers. You can see here where suturing the outer portion of the chest wall to close down the implant pocket and allowing the implant to push up and in, or superomedially. These sutures are permanent, and on top of these permanent sutures is where we'll place our internal bra or GalaFORM mesh.

Once we are happy with or capsulorrhaphy or our implant pocket work, we then move onto the breast lift, after we have confirmed that the skin envelope will not be too tight. Then the next portion, once her breast lift is complete, is to place our internal bra mesh. Now, as you can see, this is a precut and pre-shaped mesh, and it will be sutured to the chest wall and to the implant capsule. We placed several sutures securing or setting the inframammary fold, or the shelf of the breast, to prevent downward migration. This really locks that implant into place and reduces the amount of soft tissue, or what's called glandular ptosis.

As you can see here, we've placed our internal bra, and now we're replacing our tacking sutures or tacking staples to assess our breast shape. With the patient sitting up, we're assessing size, shape, and symmetry, which is much improved based on this internal bra procedure with revision augmentation and breast lift. For any further questions, please call or email us.