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Tummy Tuck in The Woodlands

Common question we get, "I'm unhappy with my tummy and what can I do about it?" And luckily we have a multitude of solutions here at the Gill Center for Plastic Surgery and Dermatology starting with the most non-invasive treatments, which can be cool sculpting. And sometimes we may even recommend conservative measures like diet and exercise. And we can go to our most aggressive option, which can be body lifts with fat grafting and aggressive liposuction.

So, let's break down the choices for you so you can make the best decision. Liposuction is minimally invasive, basically addresses the fatty tissue with minimal to moderate skin tightening. It does nothing to tighten the muscle.

Second step up is what's called a mini tummy tuck. So, people that have lower abdominal bulges or loose skin and they can be addressed with a mini tummy tuck. And we break the tummy down into upper, middle, and lower one-third. So, do not expect tightening of the skin or the muscle with the central or upper one-third. Only really the lower one-third is a candidate for a mini tummy tuck.

Our next step are people that have loose muscle, a little bit of loose skin, and they would benefit from a complete muscle repair, meaning from the upper, central, and lower tummy. We then utilize a floating belly button technique, which means we tighten your muscle and then we reattach your belly button at a lower position. This is perfect for people that have rectus diastasis or loose muscle without a lot of loose skin.

And then, our most common is the full tummy tuck. This is going to address your skin, your loose muscle, and your fatty tissue all in one setting.

And we can offer varieties of this where, let's say if people have a lot of love handle or a lot of low bra line soft tissue or fat excess, we can liposuction the back and the love handles to really contour and give a nice silhouette, or what's called the hourglass contour.

Or we can also excise skin in this area, which means the tummy tuck scar, which is always hidden in the underwear line, extends to behind the hip bone. And this really can narrow and sculpt out the waistline.

And then our most aggressive choice is a body lift. People that have undergone massive weight loss, lost over 100 pounds, have loose skin at the buttock, the outer thigh, and the tummy. They benefit from circumferential skin removal, or what's called a lower body lift, or a circumferential body lift.

And in addition to these, we can perform liposuction of various areas and in the environmentally friendly community we live in, we can often even recycle this fat and utilize it to pump up the hips, the buttock area, or areas of deficiency.

So, please stay tuned for a surgical video demonstrating a tummy tuck technique. Thank you.

Here we are demonstrating a traditional tummy tuck where we always design the incision as low as possible within the underwear line to provide a hidden contour.

And we then elevate our skin and soft tissue up to the level of the belly button so that we can subsequently divide this tissue and then elevate the tissues above the belly button to allow for our muscle repair, or plication.

We prefer an interrupted muscle repair compared to a running suture because we feel it more equally distributes the tension and provides for a tighter, more secure and stable repair and adequate movement afterwards.

And then, finally, you can see here a demonstration of the sutures prior to being cut. And, after our liposuction, we then remove our skin and complete our skin closure, and our belly button relocation.

And we like the belly button to sink in. We like it to have a very nice, narrow contour. And you can see here, at six weeks, the scars are healing nicely and will continue to fade and soften.

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