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Breast Aug in The Woodlands

Hey everyone. Today's YouTube segment will be on breast augmentation, and the most common question we get asked is, "How do I determine the right implant size?" Today I'm going to give you the answer, and really it comes down to three basic things. Number one, chest wall measurements. We really want to find that right measurement that is going to allow us to pick a range of implants that fit your chest wall. We don't want too wide an implant, too narrow an implant. We really assimilate the width of the chest wall to a shoe size, and then we can go through higher projections, meaning the low heel, the high heel, the stiletto, and identify the right implant for you based on measurements keeping us safe.

The second thing is in-office sizing. We're going to take that low heel up to that stiletto implant and try it on with you in front of a full-length mirror. This gives you a visual of how you're going to look like in clothes because nobody will know your CC, nor your cup size, but everybody's going to identify your body proportion.

Then thirdly is before and after. We have thousands of before and after photos. We're very proud of work. We will demonstrate to you, number one, what we can accomplish for you, and number two, give you a realistic expectation based on your before of the different options for you after. We find these three methods really allow for a very high patient satisfaction rate and are excellent educational tools prior to surgery to discuss during the consultation. Thank you.

Now we begin our live demonstration, whereas you can see this lady has about two centimeters in nipple discrepancy. Here she is prepped and draped. We always begin with an inframammary incision, or a periareolar incision in some cases. We like to utilize a lighted retractor and minimize the number of instruments to minimize contamination. Once our pocket is dissected, we use a subpectoral, or under the muscle, pocket because it reduces the risk of scar tissue and infection.

A key component of our breast augmentation is sitting the patient up during surgery to assess size, shape, and symmetry. We follow this by copious irrigation with a triple antibiotic solution to ensure optimal sterility, as you can see in this patient. Our second component of optimizing sterility is to change gloves and instruments prior to placing our final implant size.

With implant placement, we utilize a no-touch technique, as demonstrated here with our Keller funnel where the implant's placed directly from the box into the funnel and then into the patient. This is local numbing followed by placement of our implant utilizing the Keller funnel no-touch technique. At the conclusion, we then place the implant on the other side. Again, this Keller funnel is a wonderful technique that involves no touching of the implant at all. That's demonstrated here on the patient's left side.

Prior to closure, we compare shape, size, and symmetry. I always utilize a three-layered closure to protect and cover the implant and ensure optimal sterility. As you can see here, she has a very nice improvement of her shape, size, and symmetry. This is the patient here pictured at three months postoperatively with optimal improvement.