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About Tummy Tuck Surgery

Are you interested in an abdominal recontouring surgery? An abdominoplasty or tummy tuck is a highly effective way to get your midsection looking trim and fit. As one of his top procedures at The Gill Center for Plastic Surgery and Dermatology, Dr. Paul S. Gill performs several variations of the tummy tuck for his patients in North Houston and The Woodlands, TX area. He is an award-winning, double board-certified plastic surgeon who can remove the loose skin and pockets of fat causing bulges on your abs with a tummy tuck. As one of his top procedures, Dr. Gill talks to men and women frequently about how to change the appearance of their abdomen. He can consult with you, too. In a private meeting at his practice, you can meet with Dr. Gill to discuss the possibility of having:

  • A traditional tummy tuck
  • A mini tummy tuck
  • An extended tummy tuck
  • An UltraTuck (Dr. Gill's signature technique)

Each abdominoplasty will recontour the abdomen, but it is the location of the incision, the length of the incision, and the different uses of liposuction that makes each other different. You may have loose skin and fatty deposits around your tummy area from weight loss, post-baby body, or simply from the natural aging process. Whatever your reason is for a tummy tuck, Dr. Gill will listen. It is also important to discuss realistic expectations during the initial consultation. This is a significant portion of our initial consult evaluation is to hear and discuss your concerns, desires, and end goals and compare this to what your anatomy will allow. If your expectations cannot be met due to the limitations of your own body, Dr. Gill believes it is necessary to discuss this up front in a realistic and educational fashion. Not every tummy is suitable for plastic surgery. Dr. Gill knows it is his job to discuss this in detail, to pre-screen, and to explain what is realistic and what is not. Realistic expectations of a tummy tuck are midline scars, a very well conformed belly button, and a flat abdomen. This procedure is only designed to treat the abdomen and the flanks, not the lower back, nor the hips.

Ideal Candidates

Our most common candidates for a tummy tuck at The Gill Center are women who are ready for their body-after-baby surgery, which is a surgery in a mommy makeover. These women have experienced a significant disfiguration to their bodies from pregnancy and desire a return of their abdominal wall to a pre-pregnancy status. Also, Dr. Gill performs many body contouring surgeries for men and women after a massive weight loss. This can be from either medical or surgical weight loss, such as a gastric bypass surgery or a Lap-Band. These are excellent candidates because their loose skin and stretched muscles are a primary concern and respond very well to a tummy tuck. To be considered for abdominoplasty, you will need to exhibit the following:

  • A protruding abdomen
  • Skin that has lost its elasticity and hangs
  • Stretched abdominal muscles

You will need to be a sustainable, stable weight. If you lose more or gain weight, then your tummy tuck outcome will be altered. This is why we recommend you be finished with having babies or being at a maintainable weight before this surgery. The best candidates for a tummy tuck will be healthy nonsmokers. Take note that a tummy tuck or UltraTuck is not suitable for obese patients.

Surgical Technique

Once you are under a general anesthesia, Dr. Gill will perform your abdominoplasty in an outpatient setting. Each tummy tuck procedure varies, as there are different techniques that Dr. Gill may use (including the UltraTuck technique). To start, the incision size and placement are determined based upon the quantity and location of the excess skin. Dr. Gill will take great care of your skin and perform an incision that allows for a scar that can be easily concealed. After the incision is made, the skin is lifted and trimmed off. Then, your abdominal muscles are tightened and repaired with sutures. Regardless of the type, all abdominoplasty procedures at The Gill Center for Plastic Surgery and Dermatology involve the excision of hanging skin and liposuction. Here is a brief summary of our abdominoplasty services:

  • A traditional tummy tuck
    In the event that you have a traditional tummy tuck, you will have an incision from hip bone to hip bone right beneath the navel. After the incision is made, the skin is lifted and trimmed off. Then your abdominal muscles are tightened and repaired with sutures.
  • A mini tummy tuck
    If you have a smaller amount of skin on the lower part of your abdomen, you may be a better candidate for the mini tummy tuck. Men and women who receive this treatment still benefit from an abdominoplasty but will simply have a less expansive scar that is placed lower than a traditional abdominoplasty.
  • An extended tummy tuck
    An extended tummy tuck involves an incision just like the traditional tummy tuck (hip bone to hip bone), but it goes a step further by including the flanks.
  • An UltraTuck (Dr. Gill's signature technique)
    Dr. Gill typically performs an UltraTuck by combining a tummy tuck with ultrasonic liposuction for a patient with a large amount of overhanging skin on the lower body with soft tissue. The liposuction in an UltraTuck is more extensive. It not only covers the flanks but also the lower and upper back, hip, and thigh area. By rejuvenating this area as a unit (from upper back to the mid-thigh), the UltraTuck allows for supreme contouring and reshaping in combination with the tummy tuck. The utilization of ultrasonic liposuction treats the lower body very well due to the thicker dermal structures, which allows for a tightening of this skin to be more effective than traditional liposuction.

In review, after the select incision is made, the skin is lifted and trimmed off. Then your abdominal muscles are tightened and repaired with sutures. If you are having your navel reconstructed, Dr. Gill will perform that part of your surgery before the incisions are closed with layers of dissolvable sutures.

What to Expect

As part of tummy tuck recovery, you will be wearing a post-surgical compression garment, which aids in the reduction of swelling, making recovery shorter and more comfortable. After around six weeks of wearing a post-surgical garment and an abdominal binder, Dr. Gill may no longer require you to wear them. Standing upright and walking will be a bit painful for a while so you should take it easy for several days. Moving about becomes less painful once the abdominal muscles adjust and the incision heals. You can generally resume a normal routine in about two weeks. Workouts can begin again at around six weeks or earlier if you are given permission by Dr. Gill. The abdominal area will feel some discomfort and tightness, but you should feel healthy and normal again once healed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of tummy tuck should I get?
You will probably get one of the three most common techniques for abdominoplasty: traditional, extended, or mini. During your initial consultation, Dr. Gill will listen to your concerns and goals before performing a physical exam. Then, he can help you decide the technique that will produce your best results. You may also ask about the UltraTuck for even more results.

What will my scars look like?
Incisions for your tummy tuck will vary based on which technique is being used and the location of the incision. During all tummy tucks, Dr. Gill uses the thinnest incisions possible to minimize scarring. He also places incisions in areas that are less visible (through the belly button or in the pubic region) so they may be hidden by underwear or a swimsuit. 

Can I get pregnant after a tummy tuck?
Although you may get pregnant following an abdominoplasty, it will likely affect your results. Dr. Gill strongly encourages that you be finished building your family before you have any body contouring procedures. If you do become pregnant following your tummy tuck, another surgery may be performed to refresh your stomach skin.

Can I get a tummy tuck with another plastic surgery at the same time?
Yes. Combining plastic surgeries during the same operation day is a common practice in plastic surgery if you are healthy enough to endure it. At your initial consultation with Dr. Gill, talk to him about your desires so a personalized surgical plan may be created to match your aesthetic goals. You might combine abdominoplasty with a thighplasty for a lower body lift or other areas for all over body contouring. If you want to rejuvenate your body after having children or following weight loss, you might be an ideal candidate for a body lift 360º surgery or a mommy makeover.

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Tone Up With A Tummy Tuck

If you want to be blown away by your tummy tuck results, schedule a consultation to speak with Dr. Paul Gill at The Gill Center for Plastic Surgery and Dermatology in The Woodlands, TX. Dr. Gill is an exceptional plastic surgeon who is ready to talk about your concerning tummy area. Call and make an appointment for a private, one-on-one with Dr. Gill in our dedicated consultation area. A variety of factors can result in a sagging abdominal area that leaves behind baggy, wrinkled skin. We can have a chat about them all! We understand lax skin can be a troubling problem. We invite you to call The Gill Center for Plastic Surgery and Dermatology for more information.

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