A Buttock Lift Trims Away Loose Skin For An Enhanced Appearance

Dr. Paul S. Gill | 11/02/2018

If you’ve lost a lot of weight and are concerned about the sagging skin and poor tone of your buttocks, a buttocks lift can be the perfect solution.


Acne: Causes and Prevention

Dr. Paul S. Gill | 10/01/2018

Acne does not have to take over your entire life. There are steps you can take to prevent it from becoming too problematic.


With Belotero, Skin Looks Smooth and Youthful

Melissa Melonson | 09/21/2018

Belotero is an FDA-approved dermal filler that is used to fill in the moderate and deep age lines of the face to restore a more youthful look.


Look and Feel Beautiful with GLO Minerals Makeup

Melissa Melonson | 08/08/2018

GLO mineral makeup focuses not only on enhancing skincare but also on achieving the goal of perfect skin care.


With an Endoscopic Brow Lift, You Can Revitalize Your Forehead and Brow

Dr. Paul S. Gill | 05/18/2018

Unlike a traditional brow lift, where a lengthy incision is made from ear to ear along the hairline, an endoscopic brow lift involves small incisions.


Don't Just Lose Excess Fat – Use It!

Dr. Paul S. Gill | 04/13/2018

A lot of people decide to undergo a surgical procedure called liposuction to extract fat from the body quickly and safely.


After Years of the Same Facial Movements, We Develop Wrinkles

Dr. Paul S. Gill | 04/06/2018

Wrinkles are a part of the normal aging process. If you are bothered by facial lines and wrinkles, you can opt for Botox.


Lip Augmentation Using Injectables

Dr. Paul S. Gill | 03/01/2018

The most popular way to augment lips is to use injectable treatments like Juvederm and facial fat grafting.


A Thighplasty Gives You Better-Looking Thighs

Dr. Paul S. Gill | 01/25/2018

A thigh lift from Dr. Paul Gill, a skilled and well-respected plastic surgeon, can reshape those drooping things.


Reshape and Revitalize Your Neck

Dr. Paul S. Gill | 11/30/2017

A neck lift is a surgical procedure that can impart a youthful appearance to the neck again.


The Secret of Radiesse Injections: Calcium Hydroxylapatite

Dr. Paul S. Gill | 11/10/2017

Radiesse is usually injected under the skin, which results in the skin filling out and tightening for a rejuvenated look.


Enhancing the Size of the Breasts Using Implants

Dr. Paul S. Gill | 10/13/2017

Breast implants give breasts more volume and projection.


Using Laser Technology to Revitalize the Look of One's Skin

Melissa Melonson | 09/28/2017

The objective of laser treatments is to make the skin look younger and healthier.


Give Your Skin a Hyaluronic-Acid Boost

Dr. Paul S. Gill | 08/24/2017

Among the top ways to treat your skin problems is the injectable filler Juvederm, which can make thin lips look plumper and smooth out wrinkles.


The Projection Your Chin Needs, All Thanks To Chin Augmentation

Dr. Paul S. Gill | 07/21/2017

Happily, advances in sciences and medical procedures mean that minor surgical intervention is all you need to enhance your natural features.


The Perfect Breast Augmentation

Dr. Paul S. Gill | 05/04/2017

The specifications of the breast implants and the skill of the surgeon play major roles in performing an ideal breast augmentation.


Juvederm Treatments Fight Signs of the Aging Process

Dr. Paul S. Gill | 03/08/2017

Dermal fillers are one of the best ways to reverse the signs of aging and give the face a more youthful appearance.


Smooth Away Crow's Feet

Dr. Paul S. Gill | 01/31/2017

Botox is able to reduce the appearance of crow’s lines around your eyes, along with a variety of other fine likes and wrinkles.


Removing Excess Fat with Tumescent Liposuction

Dr. Paul S. Gill | 01/19/2017

Liposuction still remains one of the most preferred cosmetic procedures in the United States.


Deep Wrinkles Can Be Filled Using Radiesse

Dr. Paul S. Gill | 12/30/2016

For areas with high muscle movement, like the marionette lines and nasolabial folds, Radiesse works better than comparable products like Juvederm.


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